Things you do that kills your TV slowly


While cleaning the screen, when you use the wrong materials which can lead the damage to the TV screen

When the TV has a screen which gives the best picture quality and the color contrast, but that keeps the tv away from the dust on the screen. When we are going to buy the tv , the showroom representative will be saying, avoid using the materials which can damage the tv screen while cleaning. As the tv screen can be damaged by using the cloth or liquids which contain chemical substances, this can damage the tv completely.

This explains that the tv screen is so sensitive which can be damaged by using the wrong materials. So by using a dry fabric or cloth which is soft enough will avoid the scratches and color change in the screen. However, be careful that less expensive choices will be lower quality. Also when you use your hand for rubbing on the screen could get scratch and color of the screen may be changed.

If you use the liquids which are specially recommended to the TV , then there won’t be any damage to the screen as well as to the TV. like other electronics in the home you no need to take special care for that electronics.But whereas for the TV make sure you take special measures while cleaning in order to handle it safely.
If the TV is bezel less , then it will be difficult to clean in the corners and edges of the use the distilled water solution wherever to get to reach hard in the corners and edges. Also make sure you don’t drop the liquid droplets on your display for every time.

When you think that your TV is damaged but it isn’t

You may have dismissed to detect the warnings of the TV because of the high voltage or lightning strike. As this may lead to severe damage to the TV but still it works as parts may or may not be damaged. Also ensure that your TV is fixed at the correct angle and height. Check that the TV is placed placed at the corner, so that it won’t affect your eyes while watching it for hours.
The quality of the picture is set at the correct level and the brightness might be low. Ensure that the brightness and color contrast beat the same level. Once the TV is set next thing is backlight. A higher setting in the backlight increases the brightness and color contrast of the TV screen. The most important thing is setting the TV in the right place and the right viewing distance.

While there will be a chance to fall from the wall

When you mount your TV in the wall, make sure that the TV is fixed tightly and securely to the wall. Also ensure that it don’t get shake whenever you touch it. When mounting the TV in the wall it depends on size of the TV and dimensions of the TV. it’s better to call technician who is well professional to mount the TV in the wall, because they know where to place the TV or fix it.

Normally, you think that you would prefer a more stable mount, make sure that the ports are properly suited and drilled into the wall. The issue is, where the cables might be visible because the hanging cables might be eyesore. As the certified technician can home in minutes, the technician can mount the TV correctly and configure the devices professionally. After the TV is fixed you may have wonderful moment from now on.


Things that cause a big damage to the flat TV screen

However, the plasma screens are very sensitive. This type of screens are mostly calibrated correctly because of high color contrast and brightness. In meanwhile it can reduce the contrast from the screen as much as possible. So this screens are far more sensitive enough and need to handle it carefully. The TV’s consume considerable amount of energy compared to the other electronics, when the powepasses more than the limit the fluctuations can harm the pixels and hardware inside the TV. so in order to protect the flat TV screen check the voltage fluctuations passing through the TV.

The constant moving of white and black across the screen can help the static image of the screen. As the pixels in the screen is a fixed position which will lead to displaying the pattern image of the screen. It happens because of the screen is switched on for the hours and also playing games for hours together in which the built-in pattern accomplishes the task of random patterns. Also don’t leave the screen idle for hours this may lead to overheated as the screen may get damaged.

When extreme temperature causes electrical shorts and other damages to electronic components,which leads heavy damage to the TV. If you think that the television screen or other parts have problems , then immediately turn off the TV. however if the television shows the display problems after being exposed to temperature issues then you have to contact the service center.


What happens when you lay TV flat

Most of the TV brands warn their customers to handle with care, because it is a fragile goods. As the screen is holding double layer of glass which contains microscopic fluorescent lamps which produces as the image. Also the older models of screen are basically plasma screens.
When the pixels are like windows with the shades which lets the amount of energy by producing the light which forms as a picture. These type of screens are constructed to balance their weight to set upright. So if the screen is flat, then there will not be any support to the screen, which leads to cracking or damage to the edges of the screen.

Try not to connect with the elements or different ports

A various factor could evolve while creating an image which isn’t good enough where your TV is capable enough. Where the HDMI cables only transmit HD.components cable consist of different colors are only capable to HD signals. So not all HD signals are the same, where HD is necessary to show HD video, just because it is HD. so it doesn’t mean that it is actually true HD quality. It is very important that when you are connecting the cables ensure that all the cables are connected in particular ports.

When you are expecting the constant volume in your TV

This generation TV’s mostly have a built in volume-levelling feature where you usually find on the smart TV’s. the main feature related to the sound system is Dolby atmos where you can use auto levelling control volume according to the sound quality. These type of features are normally found in the high end TV’s. if this feature is not available in your TV you can’t upgrade or update this feature. This feature is mostly available in several TV soundbars, where the speakers are built-in and usually sounds better.

Don’t place the TV in closed segments or stands

As the TV needs more air ventilation while it is switched on you have to place the TV where it can get air in and out while it may be overheated sometimes. Because the ventilation process from getting air in and out can control the temperature to normal. So when the TV is running for hours it may get warm, in order to bring back the temperature to normal condition you have to make it cool unless the temperature is normal.
Don’t ever plug the TV directly to the power outlet
The power sockets are supposed to provide consistent amount of energy when the device needs. As the voltage fluctuations increase suddenly the power spike can occur where it may occur damage to the TV. this will happen often due to the weather conditions like lightning and thunderstorm. If you use some surge protectors it can help your TV feel safe as it will not allow the high voltage to pass through the device, it diverts the energy back to the power surge. When you are using the power surges for high-end TV’s ensure that it specifies that you have to use the surge protector for a particular TV.

Fixing Optical and coaxial cables for blu-ray devices connecting through the TV
It is better to connect coaxial cables and optical cables are mainly to connect audio devices such as DVR, Blu-ray device, game console and other components such as amplifier, receiver, and speakers which is basically a entertainment setups. Both the cables are suitable for transfering a signal from one device to the other. In coaxial cables they lose signal strength over long, which is usually a concern. When distance is the issue the optical cables are better. But the signal that travels through the cable from the electrical signal to the optical.

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